campaign visual



On Saturday the 11th of March 2017 the UGhent Campus Kortrijk is organising an information day. UGent came to us with the task to set up a campaign to make students between 18 and 20 years old aware you can study Industrial Engineering at the UGhent in Kortrijk. This message had to carry the slogan of the UGhent namely ‘Dare to think’. In terms of look and feel we were briefed to abide by the new corporate identity of the university.



Our approach was clear right from the start. Since the UGhent recently added a campus in Kortrijk, you can find the best of Ghent in Kortrijk. This immediately became the headline of the campaign. For the campaign visual we took a typical measuring device used by future engineers to represent this Ghent speciality to youngsters. The headline and the visual were combined to create a teaser and to place the information day
in the spotlight.

To reach as many youngsters as possible we also created a social media campaign and issued flyers for the SID-In trade fair. We reached the parents of the potential students, who still have a large influence on the study choices of their son or daughter, via traditional media: posters and bus advertisements throughout the entire province.