sustainability report



The Vanheede Environment Group is one of the leading companies in the Benelux and northern France in the field of waste management. Using the motto ‘Waste will always exist’, we were happy to respond to Vanheede’s request to help them prepare their Sustainability Report for 2015/2016, in collaboration with copywriter Anouk from Sliding Doors. It was important to Vanheede that the Report highlight their two core values of ‘People’ and ‘Sustainability’.



The Sustainability Report presents  a clear view of the accomplishments of the group in the past year while also looking to the future. To capture and hold the reader’s attention it was important to present all this information in a visually appealing form. With this in mind, we produced real life infographics incorporating the company's figures and waste processing concepts, even using Vanheede's employees to bring the infographics to life. After all, it is thanks to them that Vanheede is able to achieve such great results. The dual focus also meant we were able to highlight the company’s two core values of ‘people’ and ‘ecology’. Mission accomplished!